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Against the regal backdrop of the Aegean Sea and the island studded horizon they offer, all of the resort’s restaurant and bars instantly set a luxurious exciting tone with menus that feature an array of tantalizing dishes and colourful cocktails.

All the restaurants and bars of the resort offer a distinctive experience amidst the glitz and glamour of the nearby Yalıkavak Marina while having as a backdrop the beauty and tranquillity of the Aegean Sea. The restaurants offer a casual dining experience using the freshest ingredients prepared with well executed techniques that will surprise and delight the most travelled of “foodies”.


Celebrating the traditional Italian trattoria, Ayva offers Yalıkavak a slice of authenticity with a distinctive dining experience amidst the glitz and glamour of its prestigious marina. With the cool vibe that inhabits the atmosphere of Ayva Restaurant, there is the smile everyone carries from their first bite of antipasti, to their last spoon of creamy, homemade gelato. Every dish is devoted to celebrating the passion of cooking, the love of sharing and the romance of a night out with friends and family turning Ayva into a slice of Italy that perfectly captures the soul of an Italian grandmother.


What makes for the ideal cocktail bar? Well, it’s got to be sexy, colourful and fun!

A great cocktail bar goes above and beyond your average drink selection and strives for creativity with every pour.

The Mandalina Bar gives you all this and unique opportunity to relax in front of Yalıkavak's gorgeous sunsets, and enjoy our signature cocktails.


Open from mid-morning to late afternoon the Beach bar offers guests the opportunity to sip on a morning espresso or cappuccino, one of the various grill options for lunch, enjoy a glass of wine in the afternoon or simply be tempted by one of the many creative cocktails prepared by the team of barmen. Whichever you choose, make sure you don’t miss out on a swim from the resort’s private beach.


Take a break from the water under our sunny, poolside pergola and enjoy our modern take on the traditional Pool Bar menu, best prepared with a bottle of white wine or a pitcher of Sangria to share.

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