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In honor of the Aegean region, which is seen from every table, the restaurant is decorated in a nautical theme and has a beautiful terrace surrounded by greenery.

You will experience the atmosphere and the leisurely feel of the coastline, feel the sea breeze, admire all the colors of the Aegean Sea, and discover sea elements in the design of the restaurant.


The restaurant serves cuisine from across the Mediterranean, ranging from Turkish Meze to Italian Antipasti dishes, not forgetting Spanish Tapas. We invite you to plunge into the world of Mediterranean cuisine in all its diversity.


Mandalina Bar gives you a unique opportunity to relax on the edge of the Sunset Pool, and enjoy a ‘sundowner’. Whether it is one of our unique exotic cocktails or a more classic aperitif, either way you will be admiring the stunning sunset.


What could be better than to sip on a fresh invigorating drink, right after a swim in the salty Aegean Sea? Our bartenders will concoct something just for you...


Pergola Bar & Grill offers a wide selection of drinks and snacks to be enjoyed without having to leave the pool. Items to choose from include a selection of snacks, grilled fish or meat, salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

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